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  • Coco Jones

    Coco Jones

    Southern Charm...Adorable actress Coco Jones has been performing since she was only ten years old. With talent and charisma, she is truly headed for greatness. At the tender age of 6, Coco Jones sang ‘America the Beautiful’ on stage....

  • Nathan Kress

    Nathan Kress

    A Talented Performer...Teen star Nathan Kress has done everything from modeling to acting and voiceovers for cartoons… Handsome heartthrob  Nathan  Kress is probably best known as the nerdy tech geek Freddie Benson on Nickelodeon’s hit...

  • Caroline Sunshine

    Caroline Sunshine

    A Warm Ray of Light...Meet our fall cover star Caroline Sunshine!  She does everything: singing, dancing, and even surfing… Caroline Sunshine probably has the greatest name in Hollywood and her personality matches too. Full of warm energy and...

  • E.B. Wright

    E.B. Wright

    A GREAT TALENT!...Twenty-one year old E.B. Wright the daughter of the late (Eric Eazy-E Wright), is currently recording music for her debut album that is going to definitely...

  • Noah Crawford

    Noah Crawford

    Mid-Western Class... Hailing from the Sooner State of Oklahoma, actor Noah Crawford’s digs how actors get to take on different...

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Teen Culture Rising Stars

Harley Graham: Blond and Beautiful!

Amazing actress Harley Graham has played a princess, a surfer, and much more....

Talented young actress Harley Graham was born in Florida but raised on the West Coast in sunny Southern California. At the age of four she saw her brother on a filming set and it hit her; she knew she wanted to be an actor too. When her brother was done she asked her mom “When is it my turn?” 

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